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Full Service Support

BTD Global International is a Real Estate Management Firm.  We contract our property managers to provide you with  full service level support.  property managers to help your investment become more equitable . 


Experienced Consultants

All of our consultants are not just familiar with the process but they each have participated In actual Real Estate Projects themselves. This provides a next level of knowledge that you instantly Gain by utilizing our services.


Free Consultation

We believe in providing value first. We provide all of our clients with a Free Consultation. During that  time we will provide you with a custom  proposal of what we can do for your portfolio.  

About us

Started with One


We've been established since 2013. BTD GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL started out buying tax liens in the city of Detroit. As this company began to realize all of the successes and pitfalls possible with Real Estate, we started to try to find consultants for ourselves. We quickly realized that it just took meeting with the right consultant. That consultant, because of their experience, was able to quickly identify what mistakes we were making. Once we were in business and started to identify the 15 pt system to maximize our profits. We wanted to help others, in their journey. We felt the need to give back.

Full Disclosure


We understand how important it is to have full disclosure. We make sure that our staff now only explains what needs to happen, why it needs to happen, but also the potential risks involved. 

Low Risk


We don't get involved with high risk investments. We believe in safe investments with low risks. We consult you on how to make the decisions that are not financially risky.


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